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Notice: Resume the internal tour of The Tower of the Sun Museum

Dear customers

Since March 1,2020 The Tower of the Sun Museum has been closed to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection.
From August 1st (Sat) we will resume the internal tour of The Tower of the Sun Museum,
taking appropriate measures to prevent the spread of infectious diseases based on the national guideline by industries.
Thank you for your understandings and cooperation.

1.Business hours and number of reservations accepted
「10:00~12:00」「14:00~16:00」 :
These operation hours are divided into 30 minutes.
And reservations are accepted for 40 people each.
*During 12:00-14:00,for the time being, we will not accept reservations due to ventilation and disinfection of the inside of the tower.

2.About viewing inside with the elevator
The inside of The Tower of the Sun Museum you can view the inside, stepping up stairs.
「Infants under 4 years old and their family members」, 「Wheelchair users」, need to reserve and use the elevator.
A person who has difficulty to step up stairs can use elevator.
There is a limit to the number of people who can use elevator.
Please make a reservation in advance.
*Even if you make a reservation for elevator, it may take some time to guide you on the day. Please note this.

3.Reservation for admission(individual)
We will accept advance reservation on the official site from July 25th (Sat) AM 10:00.
①Available reservation period: August 1st (Sat)~November 21st (Sat)
*Available reservation period will be updated every day.
Please check the calendar of the reservation site.
②We can not accept cancellation after payment by credit card. Reserved date can be changed once within 120 days after application.

4.Efforts to prevent new coronavirus infection
At The Tower of the Sun Museum, we will take following actions in order to allow our customers to view the inside of the tower comfortably.
①The staff measure the body temperature before going to work and work for health management.
②The staff wear masks during work, and wash the hands and disinfect their hands frequently.
③There will be a time when the reservation will not be accepted.
④To avoid the crowded entrances and the proximity of customers, tickets will be arranged in line. The line starts at the outside of the tower.
⑤For a ticket selling, we install a panel to prevent splash infection and use a coin tray for cash and ticket delivery.
⑥Board Panels will be installed to explain the exhibition inside the tower. In addition, the staff will use a microphone so as not to make a loud voice, and will guide you while keeping a distance with the customer.
⑦The elevator in the tower can only be used by the reserved person.
⑧Museum shop operates while limiting the number of people in the shop.

5.Requests to visitors
①Those who have a fever ,cold-like symptom such as a cough, or those
who are unwell are not allowed to enter the tower.
②If you have visited a country or region where the infection has continued to expand
within the past two weeks ,we can not accept your visiting the inside of the tower.
③We would like to ask for your cooperation in registering the “Osaka Corona Tracking System“ and “COCOA“ COVID-19 contact -confirming application by Ministry of Health ,Labor and Welfare.
④Please wear masks when entering the building and refrain from talking in a loud voice.
⑤Please help disinfect your hands before entering the building.
⑥Please do not touch the exhibits.
⑦Please arrive 20 minutes before your reservation time. There is no space to wait inside the tower.
⑧Please store your carry bags or large baggage in a coin locker before you come.
There are no lockers in the tower.
→ Park Map(indicating coin locker place)

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